About Us

Our Story.

We partnered with the parent company E9 as their online platform. Our goal is to make the entire E9 collection available to the climbing community across the US. We strive to offer not only the US collection of clothing, but also the Italian collection.

Our shop stems from two passions: Italy and climbing. Italy is not only the land of the “dolce far niente,” but it is the land where mountains, sea, lakes and rivers run through its small but dense territory; it is the land where history, art, design, and the creativity of its people made of it a dream destination for all generations. To us E9 combines all these features together. Its original design and top quality fabric goes hand in hand with a comfort fit ideal for rock climbing, bouldering, trad, free water solo and even urban wear. For years we would take trips to Italy and stock up on E9 clothing wondering why it was not available in the United States. We would go to climbing gyms and crags and many climbers were asking us how they could come by E9. Therefore, we started nurturing the idea of a store where Americans could finally have access to E9 amazing collections. In our store you can find summer-spring and fall-winter E9 pants, tshirts, hoodies, accessories for men and women, which you will not be able to find in any other stores in the United States. Mauro Calibani, the founder and the creative mind behind E9 apparel succeeded in creating a brand that stands out from the others and is able to convey the rock climbing lifestyle. Today E9 is the number one rock climbing clothing brand in Europe and now we hope that America will soon become a fan just like we are!